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Southern California Mountains Foundation


We are currently hiring for the following positions. Click the job title for more information.

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AmeriCorps Member

AmeriCorps members will serve for 6 months on a service crew that will help maintain and restore land in the San Bernardino National Forest. By joining the Southern California Mountains Foundation Urban Conservation Corps AmeriCorps Program, you will learn to be a leader, and gain real job skills while helping to help protect your natural resources. After successful completion of the program members will earn an education award. Click here for more information on how to apply.


Discovery Center Recycling and Facility Custodian

The Southern California Mountains Foundation is hiring a Discovery Center Recycling and Facility Custodian through our UCC workforce development program. This position is responsible for overseeing the recycling program at the Discovery Center. The position is responsible for the planning and implementation of a recycling program and providing education to the public that consists of beverage bottles, used rubber tires, e-waste and information about proper disposal of used motor oil. Position is responsible for outreach and education events to increase tonnage of recyclable materials collected. The position will be responsible for developing and maintaining collection routes throughout the Big Bear Valley and all special events at the Discovery Center, including Music in the Mountains. In addition to recycling, this position is responsible for the general upkeep and maintenance of the Discovery Center facility, grounds and program set-up.

Click here for more information on how to apply. 

Restoration Program Manager

The Restoration Program Coordinator is responsible for coordinating, conducting and managing restoration projects for the Southern California Mountains Foundation on the San Bernardino National Forest. The coordinator will work directly with the Forest Service restoration program staff to identify the needs for restoration projects; including maintenance and monitoring of current sites and oversight of restoration activities in line with grant deliverables. Restoration Coordinator oversees and manages three greenhouse facilities in conjunction with Forest Service staff and is responsible for growing of native plants, seed collection and implementation of field restoration projects involving native plants.  Restoration coordinator will be responsible for recruiting, training, working with, and supervising volunteers and corpsmembers in restoration activities throughout the forest.  The Restoration Program Coordinator reports directly to the SCMF OHV Partnership Director to ensure all projects are in line with joint USFS/SCMF program deliverables and all environmental clearances are met. Training and oversight of staff, corpsmembers and volunteer groups is a major role of the restoration coordinator along with site monitoring, data collection methods, seed collection, greenhouse procedures, planting projects and weed removal.

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